In many sports a high vertical jump can set you apart from the competition. It takes an intense and technical type of training to increase your vertical height. Powerful exercises coupled with fast explosive movements are the key components to increasing the vertical jump. With the VertiMax we can do all of the following movements while adding constant resistance to the athlete. Flight School Is an extreme training course that will take your vertical jumping ability to the next level.

With consistent participation, Vertimax Flight School has averaged a 6 inch Vertical Jump Increase!


Session Info

  • Middle School
    • Mon/Wed 8AM or 6PM
    • Tue/Thurs 8AM or 6PM
  • High School
    • Mon/Wed 9AM or 7PM
    • Tue/Thurs 9AM or 7PM
  • Monthly > $350

VertiMax Flight School Develops…

  • Significant increase in Vertical jump
  • Lower body power and strength
  • Speed
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Quickness off the ground

Sports Most Benefited

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Track (Long/High Jumpers)

Equipment Used

  • VertiMax
  • Speed Ladder
  • Air Jumpers
  • AD6 AirDyne Bike